There are many options both big and small, rare and ubiquitous, expensive and cheap and universally useful to very situational. This page lists a decent number of various the gears and gadgets which your character may need over the course of a campaign.

Traveling Gear

Name Price in K
Bedroll 3
Rations (per day) 1
Waterskin 2
Flask 2
Compass 10
Backpack 5
Belt Pouch 2
Torch 2
Lantern 10
Lantern-Oil 2
Firewood (per day) 2
Rope (20m) 3

Crafting and Working Equipment

Name Price in K
Artisan's Clothing 10
Artisan's Tools 5
Carving Knife 3
Miner's Pick 4
Spade 3
Crowbar 3
Sewing Needle and Thread 2

Assorted Writing Equipment

Name Price
Empty Book 3
Inkpen and Ink 2
Large Chalkpiece 1
Mapping Tools 10
Parchment (10 pages) 4
Envelopes (10) and Sealing Wax 6