Once Souls were discovered by the Gods, they forged armies to settle their unbreakable dispute. The first and most powerful soldiers to be created were the Angels. Their loyalty towards their creators forged their strength. Their insight into the nature of Beings has brought them a sense of justice in a time of peace, revealing their selfless behavior towards others.

As Virtuous Immortals, Angels acquire more power through virtue and draw their strength from it.


Angels are large figures. Wings adorn their bodies, as well as patterns of feathers across their whole body. Mostly lacking legs, an Angel's body usually ends in a scaled tail, which serves to keep the Being upright. Born Angels are asexual and therefore lack any defining physical traits, while Beings ascending towards the angelic form keep their gender and the accompanied anatomical differences.


Loyalty, kindness and selfless. Those are the traits of an Angel. However, Battlehunger is a disorder amongst Angels that is a lust for killing, created by a blinding sense of (in)justice.