For many travelers alike, some magical and arcane charms and gifts become handy tools of everyday life. Whether it is a matchbox that lights the wettest kindlewood on fire or a rope that cannot break through any means, there are spells and enchantments that help you through your travels.

Enchanted Tools

These items are normal looking tools or objects with arcane attributes.

Name Craft Check Arcana Price in K
Magic Matchbox 3 10
Glowstick 4 5
Magic Raincoat 4 25
Ley Compass 8 75
Lightglass 6 50


Charms are basic to extravagant pieces of jewelry, in most cases necklaces, that contain an arcane power that is bestowed to the wearer of the Charm.

Name Craft Check Arcana Effect Price in K
Traveler's Charm 5 +2 on Navigation 15
Catseye Lense 6 +2 on Perception and E.S. 25


Foci are storage objects for Mana or special effects that a Charm would normally lose with time.

Name Craft Check Arcana Arcana Refill Effect Price in K
Small Mana-Foci 3 1 per use [Check/hour] Cast Level 1-4 Spells, 5 uses. 50
Mana-Foci 8 1 per use [Check/hour] Cast Level 1-8 Spells, 10 uses. 85
Large Mana-Foci 10 1 per use [Check/hour] Cast Level 1-12(+) Spells, 20 uses. 120
Glamour (Level) x 2 Passive Wearer shapes Aura and appearance.
ES-Check-DC = (Level)
(Level) x 20
Spellbomb Foci (Level) One-time use Contains Spell of (Level) strength.
Thrown Weapon.
(Level) x 10