An aura is the Ethereal shape of a Being, if the Being in question is not traveling through the Ethereal already. It is the shadow that the energies of the body cast off. These shapes vary through the powers of the Being. In most cases, it is a cloudy figurine barely resembling the true form. For people not used to seeing the world from the Ethereal, the faint colors of the auras are almost indiscernable, mixing into the grey setting of the Ethereal in general. As the senses are more adapted, the current emotion and well-being of the target can be analyzed with precise estimates. Magi are naturally born with the sight of both Ethereal and Earthen, having a much broader range of perception and an easier time, identifying auras.

Those who have honed their senses enough are able to gauge the strength of any being (both physical and spiritual) by closely examining the aura in question. However, someone with the ability to manipulate the energies of the Ethereal - most notably higher Tier Beings and specialized Magi - would theoretically be able to also manipulate the shape of one's aura.

Rules for Ethereal Sight

Aura Reading Ethereal Sight Check DC
Target is Living or Dead 1
Target is Magi or Magician 2
Target's Main Emotion 2
Target's Being 3
Target has Arcane Equipment 3
Target uses Magic 4
Target Health and Strengths 5

Modifiers that can affect the DC of the Ethereal Sight Check are for example Auramancy or Glamour Foci.