Behavior is a rule for NPCs that explains the way NPCs act and work. Some are known to attack on sight, while others keep distance and only attack when they are threatened or pushed into a corner. All these instances of behavior is quickly formed into small tags that NPCs abide with.


A creature or person that is territorial is threatened by simply trespassing its area of territory. They attack quickly depending on the state of their aggression or are further threatened by enemy actions.

Other states depending on the territory are nomadic, which makes the area of territory for the creature their belongings or family. A character that is non-territorial does not care about the whereabouts of a creature to their proximity, unless they feel cornered or otherwise threatened by being too close to others.


There are three simple states for aggression; aggressive, defensive and passive.

Aggressive is the state of aggression where the target is easily threatened and/or attacks immediately on sight.

Defensive means that a creature only attacks when threatened, but rarely goes into the offensive if the threats are not posed directly at the creature itself. It will only grow immediately aggressive when the well-being of itself or family is in danger.

Passive creatures are avoiding combat whenever they can and only fight back when they are cornered or their closest family is in danger.


Creatures and people have different levels of intelligence and the way they can apply different tactics. These levels are intelligent, clever, simple-minded and dumb.

Intelligent Beings can form complex structures of thought in battle, apply basic tactics and become creative in their mindset.

Clever creatures and people are more creative than actually intelligent. They can attack in surprise and create diversions, hindrances and ambushes.

Simple-minded refers to any feral behavior, simplest of group tactics and basic hunting actions.

Dumb means that the creature is unable to think beyond the present structure. They can only comprehend what they see, hear, smell and taste, and act accordingly.

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