A Being is a Soul bound into a form. Beings differ in power and are individuals of their own. Each Being can be classified in their power and whether they follow a specific alignment. While beings have their own balance within them, some are prone to develop and act in specific ways.

Here's a complete list of classification of Beings:

Tier 1 - Such Beings are beyond classification

  • Children, Creators of unimaginable objects

Tier 2 - Such Beings show unlimited powers

  • Gods, Forgers of the Universe

Tier 3 - Such Beings are forced into a physical form

Tier 4 - Such Beings are forced to have a form and resort to a source of power

Tier 5 - Such Beings are not limited to their individuality, but the weakest

Lesser beings

Any Creation or Being without a soul is considered a lesser Being, though they are none at all. Animals that rely on pure instinct and show little to no development of mind or body are creations of Sprites and therefore lack the powers of a true Being, lacking a soul and the power to ascend.