On its own, the Dire is a place of dread. The creatures that inhabit these lands have grown to such strength and vigor that their powers are feared in combat. Their physique alone, twisted and reformed to be able to sustain in the lands is enough to cast fear into the minds of the enemies.

The Dire is located in various locations in the Universe. Many planets have the Dire as a large patch of land, which seems to crawl and spread over time, while there are also places in the Ethereal that share life and the Dire.

All Creatures of the Dire are larger, mutated versions of their known counterparts. Bears increase in size and bones sprout from their back. Wolves would receive larger maws and their fur darkens.

Rules for Creatures of the Dire

Many creatures living in the Dire have a massive bonus to their Physical Monitor. Some creatures receive one of the following abilities:

Dire Poison Attack

Daily Attack
DC: Against Touch Defense
The creature attacks with a ferocious poison spray. The poison seeps into the skin and attacks vital organs easily. The target takes an initial 3CON-Damage and each minute takes another CON-Damage. After five minutes, should the target still be alive, the poison oozes out as black-ish sweat, leaving the body harmed.