For every time of existence, there is a time of non-existence.

~The Universal Law by Death

The Exiled One

Death, (in the old tongue as Zed), is the most common known God across the Universe due to its omnipresent law. As the youngest of his kind, Death has not met many of the parents of the Gods, rather experiencing the perishing of those that were around him. The other Gods, enraged by the loss of their parents, despise Death and his Universal Law to this very day, exiling him.


Death is almost always shown as a malnourished and famished figure, emaciated by sickness. In some depictions, Death is a mere skeleton in a dark cloak. The typical "Grim Reaper" image was established around that appearance. However, in times of war, Death is wearing a pristine armor with a solid diamond-shaped piece of a helmet.


For many, the sight of skulls means death and decay. Therefore, those that follow Death adorn themselves with large skull images or even real skulls on their clothing and body.

Other Names in Association

  • Zed (in old tongue)
  • The Unnamed One
  • The Unwanted One
  • Necromancer