For many people, those that perform Necromancy, those that kill for pleasure, those that live and sleep with the Dead and those that perform the care taking of the resting are all Death Cultists. However, the term only covers the latter part. As Death Cultist, a person is obligated to perform the burial rites and the preparation of said rites in a community. The faithful connection towards The Exiled One emphasizes this duty and allows the Cultists to act in a more mannered fashion.


Branded social outcasts through the actions of Necromancers, Cultists are usually secluded and separated living. Their housings and the crypts are often placed outside of local communities. This and the fact that many people like to bring gifts for their lost ones for the afterlife, the buildings are often under attack from raiders and thieves alike. Able and trained men both in fighting and arcane skills defend the halls of the Cultists.


Death Cultists do not serve the Exiled One solely. They often carry on the traditions and the teachings of their former lives and therefore the practices of religious rituals from other Gods. These are remainders of the Cultists' former pasts and are tolerated, but kept to a minimum.