As the first Demons rose, born by the Universe as counterpart to Angels, the Gods decided to observe these Beings. Little did they know that once Demons established themselves as ruthless warriors and strategists, there was not much that could stop a Demon, but the wrath of the gods. This species has formed many different bodies and forms, creating a diverse grouping, like Humans.

Demons are referred to as Sinful Immortals, since their powers reside within sins.


There are many forms to a Demon, some more bestial than others. The demonic anatomy varies rapidly within generations, affected by their adaptability to their environment. If one would narrow down distinct features of a Demon, there would be horns, tails and strong, colorful skin tones.


Demons share strong bonding to their corresponding sin. Each Demon has a sin that defines them, shapes them and drives their instincts. For example, Demons of wrath are often hostile, impulsive and provocative, while Demons of sloth are lazy and highly repulsive towards other beings.