Logic is inherent in all things, as Kaios says and his domain is testament to this sentiment. His powers elevate the concept of non-interference to an entirely new level, providing the worshipper with both the lucidity of Kaios's insight and the ability to utilize the powers of the divine domain, which include mostly mind-affecting spells as well powers of divination.


Attribute Level Divine Power
1 Divine Insight
2 Cunning Target
3 Wondrous Revelation
4 Cunning Adversary
5 Mental Recovery
6 Temporeal Stasis
7 Uncanny Epiphany
8 Paradoxon
9 Mental Mastery
10 Negate Existence

Divine Insight


The god of logic grants his followers insights that goes beyond what normal mortals might comprehend. You can use Divine Insight up to two times your Faith attribute per day. Each time you make a simple Prayer Check and add the result as bonus dice to any one Intelligence-based check you make thereafter. The skill grants its bonus only once and both of the checks (Prayer and Intelligence) are treated as a single action.

Cunning Target


Cunning Target allows you to use your Intelligence instead of your Dexterity for dodge checks.

Wondrous Revelation


Whenever you score more than four successes on any knowledge check regarding an opponent you face in direct combat you gain a +2 dice pool modifier against him for the remainder of your encounter. To use this ability you must activate divine insight. Wondrous Revelation is usable up to your Faith attribute times per day.

Cunning Adversary Passive Cunning Adversary allows you to substitute your Dexterity attribute for your Intelligence attribute on Combat Skills.

Mental Recovery Active As a Standard Action you shrug off any mind-affecting ability or stun damage that is currently affecting your person. To use this ability you perform a Prayer Check. You add the result as bonus dice onto any single Willpower (Wisdom + Intelligence) check to remove a mental condition that is currently affecting your character. These include: Feared, Awed, Dazed, Charmed, Intimidated, Insane. Alternatively, if you are not currently affected by a mind-affecting ability, you recover your succeses in stun damage. Mental Recovery is a Complex Action that can be used up to your Faith attribute in times per day.

Temporeal Stasis Active DC: 4 or Target Willpower (Wisdom + Intelligence) You exempt yourself or another from the events of the mortal world in a brief temporeal stasis that prevents any damage taken but also doesn't allow the affected to take any action until the stasis has passed.