Shadow's most trusted people receive gifts to enhance their strength in battle. In an honest duel, their power is unfolded the most and they are invigorated to fight and win. Before a duel, the prayer has to consult Shadow for guidance in order to receive the bonuses from passives such as "Duelist Strength".

Domain Spells

Attribute Level Spell received
1 Duelist Strength
2 Willbreaker
3 Strength governs Weakness
5 Honest Win
6 Crushing Blow
7 Duelist Might
10 Invigorating Victory

Duelist Strength
A Follower of Shadow knows how to fight. In an honest duel, the fighter receives +1 on weapon skill and damage.

People fear strength. They are more prone to become feared by a Follower of Shadow. Everytime the fighter rolls an Intimidate Check, those affected receive a -2 penalty to resist. Also, should they fail their resist, they immediately flee from the intimidating presence.

Strength governs Weakness
In an honest duel, the character receives a bonus or a penalty depending whether she has a higher STR than the enemy or whether it is lower. If the STR of the character is higher, she receives a +1 to Damage. If the STR of the character is lower, a Damage penalty of -2 is set instead.

Honest Win
People that have lost a duel with a Follower of Shadow become the property of them (unless otherwise stated before the duel). Slavery is Shadow's reign. Those that lose against the fighter become slaves to them. Should they act against their owner, they receive a -2 penalty to all actions until they are able to leave the presence of their master for 24 hours or kill them.

Crushing Blow
DC: 3
Once per battle, a Follower of Shadow may pray to Shadow for invigoration (free action, Prayer Check). Upon successful check, the player can add his Faith Attribute to the attack roll and the net-roll of the Prayer Check to Armor Penetration.

Duelist Might
The more connection the faithful person has to Shadow, the stronger the attacks become. The energy flowing through them in a fight is increased further, pushing the power of "Duelist Strength" to a bonus of +2 on both weapon skill and damage, as well as a bonus of +1 on Armor Penetration.

Invigorating Victory
Victory is the highest achievement for a duelist, especially when you follow Shadow's teachings. The character heals all Stun Damage and half of the Physical Damage (rounded down) after a duel.