Laws are absolute. They are untouchable by others. ~The Universal Law by Enkilla.

Keeper of Rules

Enkilla, (in the old tongue known as Mkh), is more of a judge than anything else. This God is strict know-it-all about rules, laws and contracts that are done. No other Being will take rules more seriously than Enkilla. This disciplined God of judgement rose an empire that grounded down laws to the point that they know the legal grey-zone and how to deal with it.


The God of Judgement, Keeper of Rules, is a large, ashen-skinned man wielding a hammer and a book, covering himself in a dark robe and wearing a blindfold in similar color to his skin. In war, the robe is replaced by an armor of stone and iron, similar how a prison cell is made, and a warhammer inscribed with the Universal Law.

Blind Scales

Judges have a hammer to call the verdict, men carry a blindfold and merchants wield scales. All of them are symbols that in single pieces mean nothing, but together are all that Enkilla is; the crushing weight of justice (like a hammer), the blindness towards agenda (the blindfold) and the scale to weigh the evidence in favor or against the convict.

Other Names in Association

  • Mkh (old tongue, pronounced Meekah)
  • Justice Incarnate
  • The Lawful Judgement

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