The Ethereal is the plane of existence within the Universe serving as the layer between the worlds. It is a mold that moves and shapes itself according to each layer of existence built within the Universe. It is the plane in which Souls dwell in their crude form and energies flow freely in their rawest shape. Despite being a very shapeless plane, with Creations floating over an ocean of grey sand, the Ethereal is considered to be the largest plane of the Universe.

Notable areas of the Ethereal are the Thrones of the Gods, the cities of Envyara, Mournhold and Mausoleum, as well as The Scar.

The Layers

Many believe that, like space, the Ethereal is in similar form. Those that travel the plane of Spirits often know that this is mere myth. The Ethereal is like an ocean that has a surface and a bottom, though the surface cannot be reached without approval of the Gods, nor is it advisable to reach the bottom, because like an ocean, the Ethereal exerts pressure the further down you go.

The highest layer and close to the surface is the layer of planets. Everything concerning the Earthen is in some form present there.

Traveling downward, the Higher Plains can be noticed. These pocket-dimensions are usually the more often traveled ones out of the many points of interest within the Ethereal.

Further down are the Lower Plains. The pieces of the Universe that either exist prior to the devastating event that split the Earthen and Ethereal or were created for specific purposes that should not draw any further interest. The Thrones of the Gods are mostly located in this level of the Ethereal.

The last place to go to are the Grounds and should not be visited without any greater motive in mind. There are the lost remains of the Universe and the things that are best left forgotten.

Entering, Moving and Leaving

A Being is usually capable of entering the Ethereal through meditation. Many describe it as "entering ones shadow" or "casting the mind out of the body". Whatever the user wishes to perform in order to enter the Ethereal, it all results in piercing the layer between the Earthen (or the pocket-dimension they are in) and the Ethereal, breaking the border between both and allowing the user to enter the plane of Spirits.

Moving through the Ethereal is comparable to swimming or floating, whatever feels more natural to the person. Any action is otherwise the same as if performed in the Earthen plane. The Ethereal plane allows a person to act quicker, with the cost of suffering mental damage whenever attacked or injured.

Whenever a Being wishes to leave the Ethereal, they need to either enter the Earthen or enter one of the pocket-dimensions. The person cannot act clearly for a little while when back in a physical shape, receiving penalties as the mind adjusts back to the physical shape.

The Ethereal
Higher Plains The Market * Arcana Academia * The Siren's Nest * Hell
Lower Plains The Scar * Mausoleum * Envyara * Mournhold * The Asylum * Hæl
The Grounds The Old Battlefield * Frozen Time * A Dead Child * Fetid Ashes
The Thrones White Cathedral * Nyx * The Just Heaven