For the Ethereal purposes, this is not a pocket-dimension. The rules of the Ethereal apply here.

Far away from The Old Battlefield, close to something that is dead, there lies a field of ashes. People call this place cursed. Those hungry for power seek it, while the experienced travelers of the Ethereal fear it. Nothing good is rumored from these wastes of ashes, yet many that hear from it think that some valuable things are to be found there.

The Ethereal
Higher Plains The Market * Arcana Academia * The Siren's Nest * Hell
Lower Plains The Scar * Mausoleum * Envyara * Mournhold * The Asylum * Hæl
The Grounds The Old Battlefield * Frozen Time * A Dead Child * Fetid Ashes
The Thrones White Cathedral * Nyx * The Just Heaven

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