For many of The Old Ones, there are no Demons more notorious than the First Succubi, or the True Succubi. These thirteen sisters are Demons that have influenced many of the politics of the men, the religious and the sinners. They are the reason sex has become the thing it is and Rose appreciates their work greatly to the point that she grew slightly envious of their powers.

To this very day, these thirteen sisters are all wives to Chaell, the groundskeeper, Lord and Master of Hæl.

The Sisters

(sorted from eldest to youngest)

  • Lilith - The most livid sister.
  • Akasha - The wises sister.
  • Belilah - The friendliest sister.
  • Rosemary - The bloodiest sister.
  • Venus - The most romantic sister.
  • Enoya - The most diplomatic sister.
  • Aphrodite - The most beautiful sister.
  • Hinata - The prude sister.
  • Namira - The enlightened sister.
  • Calista - The vengeful sister.
  • Emilia - The cutest sister.
  • Unoah - The mysterious sister.
  • Eve - The naive sister.

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