The Followers of Shadow is an Ethereal Manifest that is one of the most known religions across the Universe. All servants and followers of this group are dedicated warriors and master of arms, living by the only rule that matters to them; let the strong govern the weak. This rule is claimed by warriors in an honest and fair duel, in which both combatants fight for the dominance over one another, until either one surrenders. Several abbreviations of this include a fight to the death, physical endurance tests and other challenges that proclaim a victor.


Living in a society under the government of the Followers of Shadow are of hardship. The people are more than often following tyrants that have proven to be stronger than others, afraid to be slain or challenged over dominance. For many people, slavery is the only way of living that they have known since their birth. Others more fortunate train in academies to increase their physical prowess to their limits.


While Shadow is the god behind this religion, there are many non-godly beings that have been announced the deities of the Followers. First and foremost, Miel, who was the founder and prophet of the religion. On other planets, if there are Followers of Shadow, the local deities are Angels or Demons that are entitled "Warprince" or "Warprincess".