An outcome always has many facets. ~The Universal Law by Fortuna.

Mistress of Mercy

Fortuna (in the old tongue known as Jvq) is the Goddess that shaped the Universe with one of the most influential laws to come; probability. With probability, chance sneaked its way into the world. Luck became a power that many learned to exploit. Fortunately for Fortuna and her allies, the Goddess that created the Universal Law is perfectly capable to bend the lines of probability.


Depictions of Fortuna are ambiguous. On the one hand, she is the symbol of luck in person, while on the other she is a dark and monstrous beast to prey on the unfortunate. Not only are both images true, but they are always present with the Goddess. She is a two-faced creature, each face working against the other. When the time of war has drawn her to battle, these faces melt together into a horrid half-beast of gold and silver.

The Old Lucky Coin

Ages ago, Fortuna passed coins to her must trustworthy ones, so that her power and her strength would always reside with them. These coins are scattered across the Universe and are not only the proof that Fortuna smiles upon you, but also that you are worthy of her gifts.

Other Names in Association

"Fortuna in all her three names, grant me luck and see me as your servant."
~Famous (last) words of Fortuna's servants.
This quote refers to three of Fortuna's names that are known to cause misfortune to those that say them.

  • Jvq (pronounced Jivec) (in old tongue) <-First of the three names.
  • My Lucky Lover
  • Katherine Isabelle Calamity <-Second of the three names.
  • Bellastrevia <-Third of the three names.
  • Clover (Common name for female worshipers that are both beautiful and lucky)