For many men and women, Genjin is known as the cruelest Being on Natalis. The Master of Technomancy studied and worked hard in the arts of crafting metal and shaping them to his will. Up to the current events, he has killed many people, tortured them in his experiments and relished in their suffering.

Birth and Early Years

Genjin was born in a small village in the middle of Natalis' wilderness. The people there were farmers, hunters and herbalists that had rarely to deal with Magic or anything with technology. There, he was raised with the idea that Magic and all crafts involving the Arcane are harmful and should never be used. However, Genjin learned from his powers rather quickly and was pleased with what he could do with the simple act of thought.

After a few years, Mages from the Arcana Academia arrived in the village and offered Genjin to learn even more. He accepted and left his family and village for good.

Living in the Academia

Very quickly, Genjin learned about Magic, the arcane arts and anything involving his gift bestowed upon him from birth. He was not the best student, unable to compete in direct magical prowess of his co-students. He was much more involved in the powers to control his surroundings, especially objects and their ability to move or act on their own.

With the quick technological advance throughout the worlds, especially in Natalis, Genjin learned alongside two Masters of Manipulation the relating powers between Magic and mechanical objects. With the cooperation of factories in Mandrealis, the Arcana Academia branched the manipulation magic of Technomancy.

As the study time grew tiresome and more field experiments were needed, Genjin decided to leave the Academia and live in Mandrealis, to increase the efforts and the advancement of the Technomancy arts.


For twenty years, Genjin worked thoroughly with factory workers and slaves as (involuntary) experiments. These works twisted his mind to relieve himself of all humanity and experiment on his own body. He became a living machine that was fueled with the thirst for knowledge and the ability to create machinery of finest quality.

In 5038, the Master of Technomancy continues his experiments and is even more of a shadow of a human. His acts are both gain and pain for the people of Mandrealis.

Character Sheet

Genjin, Master of Technomancy
Deity Title Domain
Atheist Technomancy Master* None

Constitution Strength Dexterity Wisdom Intelligence Charisma Magic Faith Spirit
12 16 6 6 10 1 10 0 0

Combat Stats
Physical Mental Initative Armor Resistance Bonus
34 12 4d6+12 50* 0

Combat Skills
Unarmed Blunt Bladed Polearms Firearms Archery Throwing Exotic* Soulweapon
12 0 0 0 0 0 0 12 0

Special Skills
Spellcasting* Prayer Focus
12 0 0

Technomancy Master: +2 to all Technomancy Spellcasts and +1 to Magic overall
Armor: Body Modding
Spellcasting: Technomancy 12 (Mastered), Counterspell 12 (Mastered)
Exotic Weapons: Technomancer Blades 12