Before the Universe was created, the gods were born in the fires of Purgatory. With their existence, a Being capable of creating something strong, the Universe was forged and shaped. Each god born has the gift to shape the Universe, bend it and regulate it. Universal laws, as each of the unbreakable bonds inside the Universe are called, will remain until the Universe ceases, or the god dies. Since gods are not only immortal, but bound into existence through laws that are greater than those of the Universe, it is unknown whether a god can actually perish.

There are thirty-six (36) gods. Each is referred by their name or Title. This is a list of each god, ordered by their eldest to youngest.

  • Light, Mother of Kindness.
  • Syle, Mask of Honor
  • Xul, Arcanum Infinitum
  • Gral, The Foundation
  • Karma, Justice in Balance
  • Rose, The Cruelest Lover
  • Ezkwa, The Nurturing Seed