Stand amongst the unliving. They shall carry each and everything in the body of all. ~The Universal Law by Gral.

The Foundation

Whenever Gral, (in the old tongue known as Ypr), is mentioned in any writings, this God is only associated with the very soil one stands on. The powerful Being is believed to be the one that created gravity and other powers that greatly shaped the physical Universe.


Gral is genderless, benumbed of emotions and overall not depicted as a physical figure. The shapes that it is said to take are barely humanoid, a torso with a set of arms and a head. Many say that Gral manifests as perceivable gravitation. Those that have seen the War of the Gods know a different shape; a spider with multiple snakes as heads. This leaves Gral as one of the few Gods that likes to take shapes different of humanoid ones.

The Byriad


The Byriad

The Foundation acts as the plain surface of the symbol of The Smitherine. Those that do follow Gral as their God wear a symbol known as the Byriad. It is a green, eight-armed cross on a earthen colored surface.

Other Names in Association

  • Ypr (pronounced E-pRa) (in old tongue)
  • Enigma of Gravity
  • Our Steadfast Grounds