As sanctified grounds for Demons, an Ethereal pocket-dimension was created in the vision of Kaeldra to bring a sanctuary, a home and a place for Demons to belong to. Some may consider it the Throne of Kaeldra herself, but those that live in the burning grounds of Hell know better; the paths of Hell are nothing more than an Elysium.

The "Layers" of Hell

Hell is built in multiple layers, reaching into the central core of the dimension known as the Heart. It serves as the seat of the ruler, the tyrant or whosoever chooses to be ruling the worlds. This seat is usually given to the Demon with the greatest potential.

From the Heart outwards, the worlds are built upon the Aspects of the Demons; Sins. Each layer is built as a home for Demons of each Aspect, each Sin they represent. That is from closest layer to Heart to furthest away:

  • Lust
  • Wrath, also known as Ira.
  • Greed
  • Envy
  • Pride, known as Vaingloria.
  • Sloth, known as Acedia.
  • Gluttony

The last layer is known as the Limbo and serves as safe haven for those that are not of Aspect, Demons that are freshly born and/or seek their place. From there, paths lead to the lower layers, until one reaches the Heart.


Though unsure of the credibility of the source, it is said that Hell houses more than two thousand Demons, all of different Religion, Aspect and strength.

The Ethereal
Higher Plains The Market * Arcana Academia * The Siren's Nest * Hell
Lower Plains The Scar * Mausoleum * Envyara * Mournhold * The Asylum * Hæl
The Grounds The Old Battlefield * Frozen Time * A Dead Child * Fetid Ashes
The Thrones White Cathedral * Nyx * The Just Heaven

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