Humans are the most notable species across the Universe. Their diversity, individuality and appearance are ranging in further dimensions than most beings do (though Demons have a high tendency to show little to no similar appearance amongst one another as well). In their creation, Gods and other powerful beings need little to no energy on their own behalf. It is the simple transfer of a Soul from the Ethereal into the Earthen, while forcing a form on it.

This species is often referred to as the foot soldier, due to the masses a normal population can provide, while little experience already makes them a formidable force.


A human is in it's simplest form, a bipedal figure with arms and legs, both ending in hands and feet, a large torso containing all the vital organs and a head as the central nervous system. Females and males of this species show different sexual organs and sometimes different basic behavior. Hair is often a nuisance to the individual being, though the head remains covered by it in most cases.


Humans are the most individual species. They are not bound to sin or virtue and therefore are open to development. There is no apparent effect to a human disturbing the balance of their inner balance of sin and virtue. However, there is a thing that humans have shown to prone for and that is their narcissism. Humans tend to act on behalf of their own well-being over the well-being of others, as well as hurt their own kind for benefit.