To all living a means of communication. To all unliving a means of connection. ~The Universal Law by Kaeldra.

Guardian of Demons

For a Goddess like Kaeldra (in the old tongue known as Cza), it has been a duty to let the Universe flourish and evolve. When the first Demons appeared, she was the first to show mercy and affection to the new race of Beings. According to her, the Universe lives like any other Being and therefore has it's own right to create. When the time of war rose, Kaeldra was most interested in the powers that the spawn of the Universe could bring forth and sent armies of Demons into the fighting, rather than armies of Angels. To this very day, Kaeldra is the patron saint to all Demons.


Though being a Goddess favoring sin over virtue, Kaeldra is a very angelic Being. She is dressed in serene white clothing, adorning herself with radiant light and spreading a set of wings from her back. In times of war, she is wielding a mace into the fight, armoring herself in a suit of armor and overall appearing to be a very powerful Angel.

The Demon Locket

A very peculiar and detailed symbol, Kaeldra's believers are keeping a locket with them. It is shaped like a lily blossom and opens in similar form. Inside of it, the faithful one stores a vial of their own blood in it. A poisonous lily is also named Demon Locket, which is often burned as incense when praying to Kaeldra.

Other Names in Association

  • Cza (Russian pronunciation: "Dsha"(?)) (in old tongue)
  • Our Godmother
  • Ashbearer