None shall violate the rules of creation.
~The Universal Law of Kaios

The Inherent Logic

Kaios (Lir in the old tongue) is the God whose power extends so far as to control the magnitude and the degree of the other Universal Laws. His decree makes it so that a paradoxon is impossible and should one be imminent, the laws are suspended and reality undone until a reality has been created where the conflict never took place. It is this penchant for absolute order and formidable logic that has earned Kaios a devout following among the ranks of the Magi (who tend to either complete disregard or extreme veneration of the Universal Laws) and the religious among the scientists.


The Holy Symbol of the church of Kaios


The depictions of The Inherent Logic usually restrict themselves to a bare minimum, aligning themselves with the smybol, by which he is more widely recognized. The two overlapping circles are transformed into the sketch of a young man's face, becoming silver and golden halos that radiate from his eyes. In modern culture, he is usually portrayed with an unnatural symmetry of face and body, to the point where it contradicts what would normally be considered aesthetically pleasing.


Although his influence in the field of mathematics and science in general is strongest, Kaios's followers tend to worship his uncompromising, undisputed logic in the geometric shapes they display in their temples. Some of them even attribute the understanding of such concepts as symmetry, infinity and circumference to him and see him (by extension of these domains) as the true shaper of the universe. While this is a fallacy and a position that not many high priests of Kaios actually share, some prayers praise his ubiquitous nature and enigmatic ways.

Motivations and Goals

While Kaios is a thoroughly logical god and the embodiment of cold, calculating insight, he still has an interest in maintaining the staus quo. Thus he took great pains to design the prison for the demon  Stelicastus, which is an infinite spiral, similar to an optical illusion that is contained within the giantspur mountains. Originally, Kaios touched the mind of Ur the Prophet to equip him with the knowledge and powers neccesary to create a fortress at the gates of the demon's prison. Overwhelmed by the direct contact with the deity, however, Ur's understanding of the complex instructions and otherworldly clues was too limited to process entirely, resultng in the creation of Mandrealis .