The true story of this Being is kept hidden from outsiders at all costs. Those that worship Fortuna and are her most trustworthy servants know the truth behind the female known as Katherine Isabelle Calamity. She was the only daughter of Fortuna, but to her misfortune did not receive any powers from her mother.

In her childhood, Katherine spend her time with her mother, learning about the Universe and its inhabitants. By the time she became sixteen, she left the safety of her mother's Throne and traveled the Universe on her own. Much to her dismay, she was the most unlucky Being to ever exist. The young Harlequin met the wrong people, lost all bets and games and even lost a bag full of Old Lucky Coins, 777 to be exact.

When the girl's relation to Fortuna was unveiled, people immediately ridiculed the Goddess and brought Katherine in situations where her misfortune would bring the most embarrassing outcomes. This enraged Fortuna so much that she cursed her own daughter with a Spirit of Calamity. Such a Spirit is so powerful that it is a death sentence for the affected Being and any other Being that left any sort of mark on the target. The result was a massive disturbance inside the Universe, which made a flare of Purgatory fire swallow Katherine and any witness to her existence.

Ever since the death of her only daughter, Fortuna forsake the name Katherine Isabelle Calamity and any Being that would dare to say this name would receive a divine punishment as response.