There is a legend in The Market that speaks of a woman that dueled The Hanged Man and won. She was granted entrance to the Market without needing a Title to present. This woman was called Kleoseptris and her skills in swordsmanship were beyond perfect, considered godlike.

Amongst The Archivists, Kleoseptris is known as the embodiment of Alqeera in the Universe after the War of the Gods. She was the first Goddess to have ever entered the Market.

During her visit at the Market, Kleoseptris sold her sword and forged herself a new one. She also killed five men in direct relation to the Exiled One and took their Titles to pay a merchant to provide information for a sacred artifact that the Gods thought was lost in oblivion.

After she gained the information about the whereabouts of the artifact, she was smitten by the Hanged Man and her body was dismembered and displayed at the center of the Market.