There shall be a body to carry all that is and all that ever will be. ~The Universal Law by Light.

The Mother of Kindness

Light, (in the old tongue known as Vil), is the Goddess that was born along with her brother Shadow at the same moment. She is the counterpart of Shadow and an exact opposite of him. Where she is kind, he is hateful. She is the mother and he is the father.
Throughout the development of the Universe, Light is known for her kindness and wisdom and was the first to demand that Souls shall be treated with care and that each soul shall have freedom of choosing. With her influence, the Universe is governed by day and night, another coexistence that she created with her brother.
Light's Throne is the White Cathedral.


Light is depicted as a woman in serene white clothing, perfect white skin with a radiant glow to it. She is also considered one of the most beautiful beings in existence. In person, Light appears to people as a motherly figure, ever so often as the mother of the being she is approaching. However, this form is different to the teachings of the war. As participant of the war, Light was a woman in diamond armor and armed with a sword of glass and powerful in nature.

The Light's Rose


The Light's Rose

The Light's Rose is the symbol of Light and all that follow her beliefs. This symbol is often built as a multicolored mosaic in places of worship of her, while on person, there are less complex versions of it as necklaces, or simply white roses.

Other Names in association

  • Vil (in old tongue)
  • The Mother
  • The Sun
  • The Kind Lady

Morals and Ethics

While all the morals are strictly written inside the holy scripture for Light, The Enlightenment, there are some more open codes of conduct:

  • Strife for freedom for each person and every animal.
  • The act of killing is not tolerated unless one cannot avoid it.
  • The belongings of others are property of their own and are to be handed over to relatives and family after death.
  • If order means tyranny, then let chaos rule.

Tests of Faith

Followers of Light that are both religious and loyal are tested through these means:

  • The Rite of Kinship: Take care of a pet for at least a week (pets may vary in culture and region).
  • Eyesight of the Justicar: Attend court against a Follower of Shadow and speak the verdict.
  • Guiding Light: Take care of a young servant of Light.
  • Charity: Give your belongings to the more unfortunate.
  • Liberating Smite: Crush the enslaving forces of Shadow in a raid and liberate all slaves.