Magic is learned in large fields called Magic Circles. Each Circle is a field of profession inside the arcane arts, specialized in certain aspects of Magic. Many Magicians learn the theories of most Circles when attending studies, but practice very few of them.

Specializations in Circles provide special effects to the spells used.

Miscellaneous Spells and Scrolls

There are spells and spell scrolls that do not fit into any setting of the Circles. These spells can be cast with MAG + Arcana or through other means stated by the GM. This requires to be able to read the scrolls or be able to perform the spells (read: knowing them by heart). There is a skill that (if okay with the GM) an arcane user may learn and that is "Scrolling", which is treated like any other Spellcasting skill.

List of Circles

This is an official list of Magic Circles known to The Archivists. Their arcane theories are written in countless tomes inside the Arcana Academia.

  • Ur'Raqiel - The shamanistic arcana of healing.
  • Mending - Basic healing, including increasing metabolism.
  • Mirredge - Grand illusions and reality-bending spells.
  • Counterspell - Anything and everything resolving the imminent threat of another Magician.
  • Avion - Magical wings and powerful battle maneuvers, but also magical conversation.
  • Thaumaturgy - The theoretical and practical use of blood and vitae of the living.
  • Technomancy - A new form of arcane power, in which technology and magic is combined to create new effects.