One of the most formidable and affordable mercenary group in and around Natalis is the group known as Manfred's Raiders. The mercenaries follow the notorious and brutal Manfred Steelbaron Tungnæve.

The mercenaries are ruthless and take only payment for their services. Most of them also join in for the thrill of fighting, enjoying the adrenaline pumping in their veins, the clashing sound of steel against steel and the sweet scent of blood, once it's spilled.

Among the Raiders, there are many fighters with special expertise. Some of them specialize in hunting, dragonslaying or tracking. These traits and people made the Raiders one of the strongest mercenary groups known across Natalis, even so far as to offer their services in the Ethereal, especially in The Market.

Next to Manfred, one of the more known people is Oystein, the Great Dragonslayer, who is rumored to be able to fight Dragons with his bare hands.

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