In the midst of the coming Winter in a place where ice never melts, a child was born to a woman and a Goddess as father. The boy became a powerful hunter in the frozen wilds and slowly rose to be a leading figure between brutes and warriors known as Manfred's Raiders. This man is Manfred "Steelbaron" Tungnæve. To this day, no man on Natalis has bested him.

Early Years and the Hunt

For many men, living in the frozen lands of Tundra, it is a fight for survival. The cold tempers the skin and bones of everyone that dares to live in the sempiternal ice and snow. Only the strongest of warriors survive there.

These surroundings were the home for Manfred for over twenty years. He rose from birth to his late twenties as a huntsman. His mother, a strong shieldmaiden and warrior herself, trained her son with vigor. Once Manfred was old enough to hunt and fight properly, the two began raiding and killing for coin. This profitable business spread the rumor of a powerful warrior that is able to fight even the most monstrous of creatures, even so powerful as to fight the plagued and infested Creatures of the Dire that dwell in the frozen lands.

After a great and successful hunt in these parts of Tundra, Manfred returned with his dead mother in hand, but also with one of the greatest trophies; the head of the great Dragon Icebiter. The bounty on this monster was big enough for Manfred to pay a ship to bring him into other lands in search of even greater challenges.

The Raiders

The young man traveled across Natalis for many years, challenging beasts and warriors alike in a contest of strength. Nothing, not even the most powerful creatures that dwell in the Dire, was ever able to beat him. His blood seems to be of massive strength, a gift from a Goddess.

With Mandrealis, one of the greatest cities in sight, Manfred met many new sorts of people. Quickly, many warriors gathered around him and together, they became a group nowadays known as Manfred's Raiders. These mercenaries are notorious for their brutish strength and boiling temper, but are more than capable warriors nonetheless.

To this day, Manfred leads the Raiders and collects more than enough coin for his men to enjoy all the alcohol and women (sometimes also men) they wish for.

Character Sheet

Manfred "Steelbaron" Tungnæve
Deity Title Domain
Alqeera Steelbaron Brutal War

Constitution Strength Dexterity Wisdom Intelligence Charisma Magic Faith Spirit
20* 10* 6 3 4 5 0 5 0

Combat Stats
Physical Mental Initative Armor Resistance Bonus
20** 9 3d6+10 25 5

Combat Skills
Unarmed Blunt Bladed Polearms Firearms Archery Throwing Exotic* Soulweapon
8 8 18*** 4 0 0 0 0 0

Special Skills
Spellcasting* Prayer Focus
0 0 0

CON and STR - Alqeera's Gift: +14 CON and +4 STR
Physical Monitor - 8 + 10 (half CON) plus 2 bonus
Bladed Weapons - Steelbaron: +6 on Bladed Weapons