Miellanel of Saint Light, more commonly known as Miel the Spiritwalker, is a hero amongst faithful ones of the God Shadow. The Being born a human and ascended into Paragonship was the first to lead human kind into the Ethereal to overthrow the governing power of Light across large portions of the Universe. Within the History of the Universe, there has never been an army bigger than that Miel had called to arms.

After getting rid of the oppression emitting from Light and her servants, Miel taught the teachings of his master, Shadow, as well as the law of the strongest. Since then, warriors that claim land or materials have to show their superiority towards the other in question.

Shortly after teaching his most trustful servants everything he wanted, Miel was about to ascend to an Angel, but was killed by an Agent of the Veiled.

His extraordinary display of strength and leadership made his family insignia, the Saint Light, into the new symbol of faith. It was renamed into Miel's Star later on to detach the name from Light, the opposing Goddess of Shadow.