Just a two days march south of Mandrealis, there is a growing settlement centered on the resource transport and hiring of workers for the mining operations up and about the area. In the estimated seven years since the Mining Clans have settled in, this place had no name and was only referred to as "Miner's Settlement". Up to the present day, anyone willing to offer their strength and muscle for money travels to this place.

The Spirit of Musclework

This place is built upon the blood, sweat and tears of mining workers. The fork of the Galosso River allows people to travel almost anywhere in the region by boat and makes it a perfect landmark to keep in mind when traveling the roads.

The settlement lies within some flatlands, a large valley ditch between the mountains. There, wheat and other basic food resources can be grown, though they are more used for feeding the cattle, due to lack of minerals and/or enough nourishment.

The buildings that are more than some wood shacks are solid stone and iron, inspired by the long-lasting buildings of the castles and the cities.

There is a smithing quarters and a merchant quarters located at the center of the settlement, which is a large structure of bridges crossing the river. To the north of the growing village, there stands a small fortress that serves as office building for the various Mining Clans, as well as seat for one of the largest provider of sellswords; Duke Wilfred Oakteeth.


Since the settlement is more of a traveling post than an actual village, the counting of populace is rather difficult to manage. The countless arrivals, departures, deaths and rehiring of work force shifts the population of roughly 350 Souls, with a tiny tendency to go higher with each month.

Current Events

The mining operations are hindered by multiple accidents in the shafts, gas leaks appearing here and there, as well as a rise of the Undead in various deeper tunnels. Some superstitious tongues speak of a dark veil shrouding the tunnels if you dig too deep. The Mining Clans hire much more sellswords to protect the slaves and keep them at bay, so they won't flee the tunnels.

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