Natalis is the last known planet to be across the worlds across the Universe that has not fallen under complete control of one of the Gods. The Beings that live on this planet are usually without any faithful bond, though some cults controlled by the Gods begin to receive larger influence. Natalis is supposed to be the key to the Purgatory and the world of the exiled. The Beings living on Natalis are upon a revolution towards faith and technology.


The surface of Natalis is roughly 40% covered in ocean. The planet is covered by four continents, each ranging different in size and shape. The continents are called Scale, Boreal, Serpent's Tongue and Tundra.


The largest continent of the planet, stretching across most of the North of Natalis. It's climate is consisting of hot summers with many droughts drifting across the mainland, while the winters offer little cold. In rare occasions, a winter may bring in snow to the coastal lines and more shallow parts of the land, but that would not last longer than weeks. The continent is stretched with mountain ranges of rich of ores and minerals in their deeper layers. Some flatlands are scattered in the center, with trees and growth.


Dark green, lush lands. These are the flatlands of Boreal. The continent, though very large, shows little diversity in it. Most of the land is covered in forests or meadows. Lakes and rivers slither their way into the green, though hardly disturb the calm and warm climate of the lands.

Serpent's Tongue

A massive stretch of desert lands, slithering between Boreal and Scale and splitting the ocean apart, Serpent's Tongue is nothing but a melting pot of grinding sands. The climate is harsh, with no rain, heavy sandstorms and high temperatures raging across the lands. Life is scarce, but has survived the environment many times before.


In the south of Natalis, there is nothing but water and ice. The ice has gathered and grown over eons, forming an island of ice in the oceans as large as the continents together. Very low temperatures are residing, the closer one travels to Tundra's center. It is unbelievable to hear rumors of people living in such dreaded climates.

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Serpent's Tongue Arakash Bazaar * Breachdeep * Nevercrest Harbor * Grindstone Valley * The Nomad City
Tundra Sunflare Valley * Waterdeep Village * Cloudveil
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