The unwritten (official) timestamp for Beings living and dealing with Natalis calculate their Age with the Natalis Recordings. The calendar has a year 0 set upon the event of a great earthquake that shook Natalis and broke the main continent in two pieces. Since then, 5038 years have passed.

Official Calendar

On Natalis, a year takes 496 days, which are put into 16 months in total. Each month was named after events that usually take place in the more habitation favorable places, like Boreal and Scale. For instance, the Spring month "Thawwind" is the month in which the cold Winter air and the snow is blown away by the thawing winds of Spring.

The months "Upsol" and "Soldon" represent the months at which point the time of sunlight swaps; Upsol is the month in which the overall amount of sunlight per day starts to be larger than nighttime, while in Soldon, nights turn to be longer than days.

The following table shows the seasons, months and their respective amount of days.

Season Month Days
Spring Thawwind 32
Raincrest 30
Bloomgale 32
Upsol* 30
Summer Sunspark 32
Suncrest 30
Eldering 32
Cherryc 30
Autumn Harvian 32
Fallcrest 30
Soldon* 32
Shadefall 30
Winter Icebreeze 32
Nevercrest 30
Snowfall 32
Quoll* 30


  • Upsol - Elvynn for "rising sun"
  • Soldon - Elvynn for "setting sun"
  • Quoll - Elvynn word of "End"

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