Nazra Val'Doheeri Estreva is one of the only Children remaining in existence. It is unknown how this Child escaped the demise of it's brethren, but many claim to have met Nazra personally and received an enlightenment from this Being. For some more common people, Nazra is the author and creator of The Compendium of Nazra, the writing of the Universe from its birth to its grave.

Nazra is, despite known as Child, always reincarnating itself as a Human, experiencing existence and the events that it had foreseen many eons ago and composed within the Compendium. The mortal life is, according to Nazra, the only time one can relish and fully understand what existence is.

As of late, Nazra has not been seen by any Being. Some say that Nazra is walking on the soils of Natalis, others claim to have met it on travels across the Ethereal. Whatever statement might be true, it is a known fact that Nazra does not meet any of the Gods, nor does it appear in front of the most loyal servants of these deities.

The Dreamer

There are many forms that Nazra has taken, many faces worn and many skins to be donned. Many witnesses speak of a person wrapped in white cloth and bandages, glowing blue eyes and runes etched unto the eyelids and fingertips. This state of Nazra is known as the Dreamer, the living piece of the Being.

It is the only persona known to be active in its doings, different to the other states that this Child is known to portray. This form is known to be a mentor to many Ser'Val'Doheeri.

The (First) Sinner

This form is only witnessed to kill, murder and rape. The Sinner is similar in stature to the Dreamer form, yet lacks the pristine white aura to it. The bandages are worn, bloodsoaked, cut and otherwise damaged, the eyes glow in a dark red and the cloth covering the body is grey and covered in coal dust and ash. The hands are grotesque claws and razor sharp bones stick out of the body like spikes.

Most of the people that met this bestial form have gone mad and are currently in treatment of Insanity at The Asylum.