Though it is commonly known that Jester suffer from Insanity, there are cases that are considered mad for even their own brethren. One such example is Niamh, the Grotesque Artist. She entitled herself as the revolutionary mistress to wage war against the Gods. She grew very influential amongst her race and rallied many skilled men and women. The growth of the grouping did not go unnoticed and the Gods took actions against these rebels.

As Niamh was known to build powerful weapons against many Beings, the Gods were careful to approach the Jester. During a particular fight they were able to capture her and a few comrades and sealed her off, unable to perform an execution on her.

For eons, her sarcophagus was cast into the Earthen into the earth of a planet. As parts of Natalis became prospects of mining, the sarcophagus was uncovered and with it the powers that kept it in place. A group of undead rose and defended the place.

It was a small group of sellswords that uncovered the sarcophagus and opened it. The Jester was uncovered and freed, allowing the monster to roam the world once more. She was quickly fought off a night later.

To be recorded by The Eyes of the Veiled, the sellswords Alexander Oakhaven, Olof Ragnarsson and Synthia Beauguard were approached by The Deathwatch upon successfully defeating Niamh.