Exceptions prove the Rule. ~The Universal Law by Noamh.

Innocent Youth

Noamh, (in the old tongue known as Fda), walks The Universe with cheerful joy. He is known to be a rascal that is both naive and playful. Despite his naivete, he is loved by most of his sibling Gods.


Just as cheerful and happy his persona is, the lively and vivid colors he has. His hair is a prism of colors with each strand, resembling a swirling rainbow, just like his eyes. In war, the childish God wields a bow and fights in juggler's attire.


The colorful spectral light of rainbows symbolizes the innocence that Noamh resembles through and through. People decorate their homes in vibrant colors and offer sweets to their guests.

Other Names in Association

  • Fda (pronounced like the German word "Feder")
  • Rainbow Child

Morals and Ethics

  • Always take the time to enjoy the small things in life.
  • Do not hurt others. Pain is bad and makes people unhappy.

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