Everything high will fall, everything fallen will rise. ~The Universal Law of Noosphear.

Master of Tragedy

Tragedy is also called Noosphear (in the old tongue known as Noo). The dramatic fall of the hero to be either dead or a new-born villain or the astounding redemption of the villain. They all fall into the creation of Noosphear, the grand master of theatrical tragedy. The director of all stories that include a fallen champion. Not a lot of people in particular like this persona, but the rise and fall of all things is present...


Flamboyant and unsure of its gender, Noosphear wears gaudy and clearly misplaced clothing and makes sure that people will know that its there. In public, Noosphear will direct with a conductor's baton and tell all the tragedies of the people around, the drama that was or will be. In war, the God wears a leather armor with flowers out of leather garnishing it and fighting with a rapier and a glass cannon (hand cannon).

Theater Leaflet

One way or another, people of Noosphear following him receive a personal theater leaflet that describes a tragic drama with the recipient as its main role and a random date. This date will be a personal meeting with Noosphear himself.

Other Names in Association

  • (The name is pronounced "No-O-sphere")
  • Noo (in old tongue, pronounced like 'noon' without the last N)
  • Theatrical Masterpiece
  • Mister Mistress

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