For many Beings that are older and perhaps living more than thousands of years already, the simple mathematics of Age in Years has become a nuisance to keep track off. Despite the fact of people knowing their exact age in years, it is a more proper and ordinary custom among older Beings to refer to their age in Eras, along with the years of the current one. This lead to the proper registration of Eras and their respective time of years.

The Age of an Era

An Era is a set of centuries. To be more exact, most of the Eras last for 10.000 years and longer. For many immortals, this is a mere blink of an eye in their memory.

Once an Era is over, the age of a Being will be adjusted by one Era, recounting the years with the beginning of the new Era.

An Eon over an Era

Not many Beings are able to live to bear the age of Eons. An Eon, much like an Era, covers a larger set of time than its smaller piece. Eons are roughly 20 Eras OR the total length of the Time Age. A Being that is still alive and well, being born in the Time of Silence or the War in the Sands Age, carry the age prefix 1EE or even 2EE.

Ages of the Gods

The youngest one, The Exiled One, bears the age of 3EE3E5038. The eldest Gods, Light and Shadow are 4EE3E5038 old. Between this time span, both the Purgatory Times and the Time of Silence happened. While Death is born in the Time of Silence, most of his brothers and sisters are born in the Purgatory Times.