An Old Lucky Coin is a special token that grants the wearer an increase in their luck. It is a gift from the Goddess Fortuna and is one of the most sacred pieces a worshiper can receive. Those coins are made out of an unknown material, making them very durable. This specific quality has made the coins a lifesaver in many situations.


Characters that are faithful to Fortuna may receive one coin. This coin, as long as it is carried with the character, can be used as a plot-device or may influence the effects of the character's rolls, depending on how the DM wishes to use it. For instance, the DM can roll a 1d20 as a random event check, in which the character might stumble and therefore notice something on the ground, or the character might be "in the right place at the right time" to receive important information.



An Old Lucky Coin

The coin is a dark shade of grey with the characteristic shining of steel to it. On it is a clover engraved and the text "Ser'Jvq Val'Bredika Ksh Uvard" repeats in a circle around it. The text means "Serving Jvq (Fortuna), the One that is merciful, for all time".