A man is forged by his actions and the steps he took on his path. Oystein is a man of actions and journeys and each single piece forged him in a different way. As one of the strongest member of Manfred's Raiders, he is well capable of fighting and hunting. His specialty in hunting involves Dragons and he is one of the most capable Dragonslayer present.

Early Years

Oystein's family lived in the mountains around the deep forests of Boreal. They belonged to a folk of goat farmers and were masters of climbing. His blood is one with the mountains and in tune with this particular part of nature. One major problem his family suffered from for a long time were Dragons hunting the goats.

In his young teenage years, Oystein encountered a smaller Dragon that was feasting upon the goats of his family. Boiling in anger, the young man grabbed a stone and charged the beast, fighting it for more than three hours before the reptile was no more. The grotesque display of aggression and death frightened his parents, leaving them to fear their son to the point that they wish for him to be gone.

With nothing but a large bow and a small ration, the young Oystein left his family and turned towards civilization in hope of becoming a proud warrior.

Hunting and Raiding

Oystein lived ten years from hunting Dragons in particular and selling them as trophies in the cities. For Oystein, Dragons are nothing more than feral beasts that prey upon the weak and this thought tore his mind apart. He grew a deep hatred for these creatures and trained himself to be able to hunt them and kill them efficiently.

With this particular feat, Oystein's fame grew and his fighting expertise was sought from others that wish to be as powerful as him. When they met Oystein, however, they were left with nothing but silence.

Only recently did Oystein wish to have company and found it in the mercenary group of Manfred's Raiders, who helped him clear out a nest of Dragons close to Mandrealis. They offered him a seat at their table and with that a place among them. Though still a lone wolf, Oystein takes the coin that is offered to the Raiders for killing Dragons.

Character Sheet

Oystein, the Great Dragonslayer
Deity Title Domain
Atheist The Great Dragonslayer* None

Constitution Strength Dexterity Wisdom Intelligence Charisma Magic Faith Spirit
8* 6 6 6 4 1 0 0 0

Combat Stats
Physical Mental Initative Armor Resistance Bonus
12 11 2d6+12 24 3

Combat Skills
Unarmed Blunt Bladed Polearms Firearms Archery Throwing Exotic* Soulweapon
0 0 6 0 0 12 0 12* 0

Special Skills
Spellcasting* Prayer Focus
0 0 0

The Great Dragonslayer - Immunity to Fire Damage. +8 on attack and defense rolls against Dragons.
Exotic Weapons - Greatbow (12)