Formerly known as the central harbor to journey to for entering and leaving Scale, Port Gavanna is the second largest city on Scale and rating into the seven greatest cities on Natalis. Though the place is mostly turned obsolete due to Airships and the Lancer, many ferrymen, sailors and pirates inhabit the city to this very day.

The Rotten Planks

The city of Port Gavanna is located to the South-West of Scale, having a large connection with the coastal area, stretching across many miles. The South of the city reaches forth towards the peninsula that once was a large smuggling place, but the natural cliffsides and mountains on the peninsula forbid quick advance.

After the Lancer had been built, the city lost a lot of merchants and their customers. Large areas of the city became forgotten, emptied out by the missing men and slaves to clean the place and keep everything in order. Undead and some Necromancers are spotted at night, though they keep to themselves most of the time, only drawing an occasional unfortunate soul into the dark abyss of the ruins.

The coastal line is still largely inhabited and used as the port it was and still is. The Docks are located at the western parts of the city.


There are three dockworking guilds, a red-light district and two large taverns that are kept in shape. The people living there are estimated to be around 150 permanent residents, while having a moving populace of roughly 700 Souls moving in and out on a weekly basis.

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