"Anger, Anger, Anger. Boredom, Chaos. Anger, Anger, Anger."

Words to Live by

The Alphabet of Rage is a litany known to most men and women on Nathalis. It is repeated ceaselessly as a warding against demons and other supernatural forces. It is taught in education and mumbled in saloons. It is spoken in prayer, spat as an orison at heathens, it kindles fury and at the same tim confines. Thus it is usually used as a subliminal expression of disdain against a person or situation. 

The Alphabet itself consists of twenty six words, each corresponding to a letter of the Yorzani alphabet. It presumably originated from a scripture found during the earliest mining operations in the Giantspur Mountains almost three hundred years ago. A stone tablet that despite its mysterious script in a language that what according to record unknown to even the most proficient polyglots of the town. Regardless of the fact that the signage itself remained obscure and impossible to be ead, the formula that burrowed deep inside ones mind upon merely looking at the strange marble oblong quickly spread like an infestation. Under the assumption that the litany actually corresponds with the scripture of stone, translation tables have been produced over the years by the church of Kaios but the lack of any other texts in the mysterious script made this a futile effort.