Religions are faithful groupings across the Universe, as well as total devotion towards one of the Gods. Though religion can be based on the principles and teachings of a Being, then referred to as Prophet, most bases and acts of faith are based on the teachings of a God. Religious groups can be categorized by their size and bonds towards their teachings.

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In the most crude form, religion is a set of laws that a group abides by. This very mundane form of showing faith is a Covenant, which allows beings to join freely and leave, if not otherwise stated. Most Covenants follow the simplest of laws by a god, or pledge these laws to be made up by their own. However, no matter who formed the basis of the Covenant, The Archivists categorize them by deity originally having these set of teachings in their religion.


If Covenants grow larger and more widespread, they are often forming a base Cult that serves as center of their faith, police or other embodiment of their cause. Cults on religious terms are the first base to manifest the will of a god onto an area. While Cults have a more sophisticated or well-established base for their faith, they usually fall into two categories towards outsider; acceptance or absolute intolerance. The latter results in aggressive force against the Cult, until either side loses.


Once a Cult is accepted into a society or by outsiders, the approaching newcomers to the faith often use a Cult as base to bring forth their own definition. Sects are often parts of a Cult that are in some way different to the complete piece. They have different traditions or have stronger/weaker connections towards the deity behind their beliefs. All in all, Sects are splinter groups of Cults.


When a religion manifests into a nationwide or even international group, it often collides with other religions of any size. In the resulting power play, the large Ecclesias often come out as the victors, or struggle along with other Ecclesias for the dominant seat of being an acknowledged Church.


While Church is the most broad term for religions that have a solid manifest and are integrated into society, there are many different terms that can refer to one. Most religions consider themselves families, at which point they have a broad term for their faithful ones, like the term Sister referring to anyone serving Light.

Ethereal Manifest

Once a religion has taken over a planet, it echoes within the Ethereal. The responsible God then bestow the most powerful blessings unto the planet, bonding it to their power. This Ethereal Manifest can only be broken by destroying the complete planet and their inhabitants. Until then, the God receives a massive flux of power from it.