This is a list of religions across Natalis . For the meaning of religions, click here. Kaeldra is largely unknown. Those select few who have insight into her existence, only know of her by rumor or by study of the compendium.


  • Servants of the True God. Deity: The Exiled One (Death)
    • A very disruptive group of barbarians across the continent of Scale. Infamous for their grotesque display of their achievements.
  • The Cutthroats. Deity: The Bleeding Throne (Sanguine)
    • A traveling group of mercenaries that can be bought for killing. Rumored to have their headquarters in Mandrealis.


  • Gorwynn's Ghouls. Deity: The Exiled One
    • Necromancers that openly enjoy their lifestyles.
  • The Smitherine. Deities: Gral, Mar'iel, Alqeera
    • The omnipresent faith of blacksmiths.
  • The Golden Thread. Deity: Tether
    • A large trade company of cloth and tailored goods. Known for their cooperation with other groups in favor of keeping the planet safe.


  • The Wandering Suns. Deity: Zenith
    • Traveling adventurers, knights and merchants that wish to explore the lands and enlighten the world with their experience.
  • Theurgists of Eternal Life. Deities: Xul and Death.
    • Magicians that study and learn from the dead. Very highly regarded for their knowledge in medicine and anatomy of the people.
  • Josei's Creators


  • The Sisters of Light. Deity: Mother of Kindness (Light)
  • Masters of the People. Deity: The Father (Shadow)
    • Slave traders, powerful lords and just as many strong arms that follow the rule of the strongest will.


  • Church of Kaios. Deity: Kaios
    • Mostly revered in Mandrealis, the center of the worship of Kaios, but known all over Scale and Boreal
    • Church of Ur. The local church of Kaios in Mandrealis, focussing on his prophet Ur and his doctrine
  • Followers of Shadow.
    • Brotherhood of Shade
  • The Favored Scholars. Deity: Xul
    • Initiates of the Arcana Academia, as well as most magically talented people from across Natalis to share their knowledge.