The living shall child. The unliving shall produce. ~The Universal Law by Rose.

The Cruelest Lover

Rose, (in the old tongue known as Gry), is the Goddess of Love. With her birth, the Universe was given the opportunity to give birth on its own, just as any other Being was given such gift. Thought this was not of any use for a long time, Rose took great pleasure in watching the act of love of different Beings, even more delighted to cross-breed.


There are three widely popular depictions of Rose. The first is a woman of purest of lust, awakening the thirst for sex just by looking at her. The second is a female figure wrapped countless leather straps that ooze a black goo. The third is a more appropriate image; a woman dressed in rose petals and generally looking wealthy. In war, Rose fights with whips, dressed in extravagant leather armor.

Shattered Heart

Rose is a very ironic figure, representing her title through and through. She loves to tease Beings with one true love, but also breaking this illusion apart. Servants of her that have successfully broken the heart of a Being receive a branding by Rose herself on the chest, which resembles a heart shattered to pieces, as if it were glass.

Other Names in Association

  • Gry (pronounced "Gree") (in old tongue)
  • Heartbreaker
  • Damsel in Contentment
  • Fake Love's Kiss