The living shall carry their energy within an unliving. ~The Universal Law by Sanguine

Blood of Us All

Sanguine (in the old tongue known as Pve) is the God in charge of the strange group called The Eyes of the Veiled and master of deceiving mortals to do its bidding. Within the creation of the Universe, Sanguine participated in the birth of most Beings that died in the war. According to its own belief, Beings are there to kill each other and spill the great gift that it granted to them; blood.


There is no depiction of Sanguine without it slathering itself with blood. Whether it is a man or beast, Sanguine is shown to be very proud of all the blood spilling that has been done in its name. This grotesque image is also displayed in war, when Sanguine is a massive beast drowning itself in the blood of its victims.

The Needle, the Dagger, the blood-drawing Fingernail

Whatever item is useful to draw blood from a Being, it shall be painted in red and worn as trophy. Sanguine favors those that wear red and blood. With that in mind, many wear blood-drenched clothes whenever praying to their master.

Other Names in Association

  • Pve (in old tongue)
  • The Vampire
  • The Bleeding Throne
  • The Madman