Seelenpein (German: Soulpain or Soulanguish) is the darkest and most ruthless sin to perform in the Universe. It is the act of removing all humanity of oneself to destroy the humanity of another. A Being performing an act of Seelenpein usually torments another Being for pleasure, up to the point where the aggressor pushes the victim to exile or even suicide. Such a sin leaves a mark on those that are pained and those that acted within it.

For the aggressor, once the victim is undergoing the torture, the Soul flares out for a while, as if enlarged in size. During the time the Soul returns to normal size, the Aura of the sinner distorts and leaves ripples. The Aura appears to keen eyes more unnatural and fringed.

The victim suffers the most. Seelenpein distorts the Aura of the victim up to the point where it dims down and loses all shine. The color of the Aura appears paler than usual and is smaller in size. The Soul of the victim chips and appears cracked to those that pay attention to it.