Little is known of the Ser'Val'Doheeri, except the fact that they serve The Exiled One to a certain extend. When this Religion established itself on a small planet and grew strong enough for the Exiled One to weave an Ethereal Manifest, the other Gods were furious and struck the planet with their combined power, breaking the Manifest and the planet in the process.

Ser'Val'Doheeri is actually a dialect of the Language of Old, meaning "Serving the One Who Wanders the Universe". The One Who Wanders the Universe is in fact not Death, but rather a Being of acts in the shadows, out of sight from the Gods. This Being is also the author of The Compendium of Nazra.


Most of the people that serve Death and have a more established community are secretive about their customs. Some of them act with the powers of Necromancy, raising the dead and learning the truth of their master's Universal Law. Others are more fanatic in their actions. Their profession is manslaughter and the mauling of bodies. They kill to sacrifice the Souls to their master, as well as enjoying the killing.


The Ser'Val'Doheeri serve Death exclusively, out of the simple fact that other Gods do not accept followers that bestow their faith towards the Exiled One. It is said that originally, those that found the Religion were enlightened by a completely different Being, but could not comprehend how to serve it.